Competition Rules 2017

Rules and Guidelines Relating to Competitions Conducted  by the Australian Plaiters & Whipmakers Association Inc.

All entrants must be financial members of the Australian Plaiters & Whipmakers Association Inc.

Items submitted for competition must be handmade and plaited by the entrant from natural leather products.

Competition entrants are allowed a maximum of two (2) entries in each class.

An item can only be entered in one class and must not be older than one year at the time of entry.

A winning item from any show is not eligible to enter i.e. Clifton, Toowoomba, Stanthorpe, Cessnock, Sydney etc.

Complete items are only acceptable a handle or a thong is considered to be part of an unfinished item.

Novice Class Once an entrant wins a Novice Class they are no longer eligible for that Class in any other shows i.e. if the entrant wins a Novice Class Hatband at one show, they can than only enter the Open Class Hatband at any subsequent shows.

Junior Class To qualify for entry in Junior Classes, an entrant must be sixteen years or under at the time of the show.

Judging of whips - Points are awarded on the basis of 50% for craftsmanship and detail and 50% for performance.

Where possible the comments made by a judge on an entry in a class be recorded by a penciller nominated by the organisers of the show, so that entrants may benefit from this feedback which is essential for the improvement and quality of the entrants work to submit in future shows.

If there are limited entries in a Novice Class or the plaiter/s could benefit from more experience, at the discretion of the judges, 1st place may not be awarded and the article may then be placed 2nd or 3rd so that the entrant is not eliminated from that class in future shows.

The Association reserves the right to declare no competition in any class in which there are less than two entries.

Items are to be presented to judges in their bare form, ie there are to be no props used.

Belts Plaited leather with any number of strands:

  • Finished with rings, dees or a buckle.
  • Rings, dees or buckles can be covered or bare.

Hatbands - Plaited leather with any number of strands:

  • May be finished with suitable hardware / software, e.g. buckle, horse hair or feathers.

Cowhide whips - including red hide, white hide, latigo and greenhide:

  • Thong can be a minimum of 4 strands and a maximum of 6 strands.
  • The handle can be either ½ plait or bare.
  • Handle can be covered in cowhide or roo hide with a maximum of 8 strands.
  • Can have either cowhide or kangaroo keepers.
  • Handle and thong must be one tone.

Kangaroo hide whips:

  • Thong can be a maximum of 12 strands.
  • The handle can be either ½ or full plait with a maximum of 16 strands.
  • Handle and thong both to be plaited with kangaroo hide including kangaroo hide keepers.
  • Handle and thong must be one tone.

Decorative / Trophy Whips

  • Kangaroo Hide Decorative / Trophy Whips can be single or multi coloured and with an unlimited number of strands.

Any Other Plaited and Knotted Articles

  • These Classes are for items not described in other Classes.
  • Includes, but not limited to, work such as Knife / Watch Pouches, Card Cases, Walking Sticks and Covered Items.
  • 'Plaited Article' work should be predominately a plait.
  • 'Knotted Article' should be an item where the knot (single strand or with interweaves) forms the basis of the work.

Best Article and other awards/trophies - These are awarded at the discretion of the Judges.

Best Competitor - Awarded to the Competitor with the highest total of points for entries placed.  Points for placings are as follows: 1st Place = 3 points, 2nd Place = 2 points and 3rd Place = 1 point. In the event of a tie a countback will be conducted to determine a winner. If there is still a tie after this joint winners will be declared.

A register of winners and placegetters will be maintained from all APWA and other shows to ensure that all entrant's eligibility to enter a class can be verified.

All reasonable care will be given to exhibits, however the APWA will not be responsible for the loss or damage to, the entry / entries whilst in their custody.

The decision of the Judges is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

Any non-plaited foundation article with an add-on applique decoration is not eligible for entry. As an example applique belts are non-plaited articles and so are excluded from categories within our competitions.

Synthetic items (whips, belts, hatbands, bracelets etc) are also excluded from competition.


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